Andy Hurst

Andy Hurst

Artist Andy Hurst has been reimagining the city of Glasgow for most of the last Decade.

Quickly realising that doing was better than thinking and after almost 30 years in the screen-printing industry, he found himself willing a creative and unusual body of work into existence. Reacting to his environment emotionally, visually and with equal respect to the past, the present and the future.

Self taught and first drawn to Photographic Post Production Techniques – a flair for merging elemental aspects, atmospherics and colour – a heart worn on his sleeve – has all resulted in a popular and original series of limited and open edition fine art prints.

These works have been exhibited and sold over the past few years and can currently be seen across the city in various small independent shops and businesses.

Inspired by painting as well as cinema, Art History and Modernity, daydream and  a specific reality, Andy is currently studying and actively practicing with physical painting mediums and the creation of Original Art to compliment the print side of his catalogue.

The work of Hidden Hand Art / Andy Hurst has travelled beyond Glasgow to Manchester, London, New York, Italy, Austria and Australia.

Andy was born, lives, works in and loves Glasgow.

“Do you see what i see?”